Omega Slow Juicer J8006HDS Review: Versatile All-Rounder

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Want to be sure you can make your cold press beet, kale and ginger shots without a whole lot of fuss with a powerful (2HP), BPA-free juicer? Then try the very reputable Omega Juicer J8006HDS.

It’s a sturdy and efficient masticating juicer that will do an excellent job with most produce (except soft fruits) as long as you only feed it small chunks. All the critical details are covered in this article.

Omega Juicer J8006HDS
Omega Juicer J8006HDS

This 5th generation Omega juice extractor slowly (80rpm) and efficiently presses fresh juice from a wide range of fruits and vegetables – including kale, wheatgrass and ginger. With special nozzles you can also make sorbets, nut butters, flour and pasta.

Unlike its predecessor, the popular J8006, the Omega J8006HDS (previously named the J8007 just to confuse us) has a larger stainless steel juicing screen, is 100% BPA-free, and packs a lot more power – 2HP compared to just 1/3HP.

There is little on the downside, the main thing being that this Omega masticating juicer may struggle to deal with soft fruits such as pineapple and berries, and those with seeds. But this can occur with the majority of juicers in my experience. Alternating soft and hard produce can reduce clogging and this problem goes away.

In my view, the Omega J8006HDS is one of the best cold press masticating juicers on the market, along with the Green Star Elite. After hours of squinting through hundreds of online comments, tips, complaints, and questions, I can confidently say that this Omega juicer does a very competent job, without too many hassles.

Quick Overview

Check out these pros and cons if you want to get a quick idea of whether the Omega J8006HDS is the ultimate slow juicer for your purposes, before wading through all the details:


  • Slow 80rpm motor means juice is not overheated or oxidized
  • Powerful – 200W motor
  • High juice yield due to dual-stage mastication
  • Less foam & pulp
  • Quiet
  • 6 nozzles to make a range of foods
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean (dishwasher safe)
  • 100% BPA-free
  • Black Ultem auger doesn’t stain
  • 15-year warranty


  • Soft fruits might get clogged
  • Produce needs to be pre-cut to fit chute (1.5 inches wide, round)
  • Juicing is a little slow, but results are worth it
  • only one gear, one speed
  • Can’t make sausage
  • High-end price
  • Large footprint compared to smaller or vertical units

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What You Need to Know About This Omega Juicer

Can it juice leafy vegetables?

Yes! This is one of the main reasons to go for a high-end horizontal juicer like this Omega J8006HDS is that leafy vegetables such as kale and wheatgrass don’t just slide through as with cheaper or vertical models. It is much more effective, due to greater power behind the auger which masticates and presses the produce.

So if being able to juice greens is important to you, then this is an important consideration.

Can it juice soft fruits?

Soft fruits are not handled particularly well by this juicer.

Users struggle with fruit such as pineapple, mangoes, and berries, saying the filter gets all clogged up. The trick is to alternate the soft and hard foods when putting them through the juicer, for example, pineapple, then carrot, pineapple, then carrot. Best to start with the softer item.

A word about apples: soft apples have been known to turn into applesauce! Now maybe you want applesauce, but if you’re after apple juice, then make sure to use fresh, crisp apples, preferably refrigerated.

In fact, the instruction manual says “soft produce will process easier if refrigerated.”

FYI: the Green Star Elite juicer has soft fruit knob which is specially designed to work with soft fruits, so check it out if you intend to juice soft fruits regularly. But be aware that the knob doesn’t come with the unit and has to be bought separately.

Through my research, I’ve also found that people have trouble with fruit seeds, such as in blackberries and tomatoes. The best way forward is to clean the juicing screen often and do the alternating trick as above.

If clogging does occur, there’s a reverse function to help get things unstuck.

Note: once you press reverse, you’ll need to let the motor come to a complete stop before switching back to forward. Otherwise, the unit will continue in reverse.

Something to bear in mind is that centrifugal juicers may get a better quantity of juice out of soft fruits than masticating, cold press juicers like this one. But then the quality isn’t necessarily as good. So you have to decide what you prefer – quantity or quality?

Is there a good juice yield?

If you’ve experienced having to run the pulp through a juicer a second time to try and extract more juice, know that you won’t have to do that with the Omega J8006HDS. It’s quite effective, producing more juice than less powerful cold press juicers or centrifugal juicers do.

Many consumers have remarked on how dry the pulp is, which lets you know it’s extracting the most juice possible.

carrot tomato juice

What’s the juice quality?

This juicer uses dual-stage mastication to process the produce:

  1. Crushing by the auger
  2. Squeezing against the stainless steel juicing screen – the juice is removed and the pulp gets pushed out through the end cap

This process occurs very slowly – only 80rpm. Most other juicers on the market are faster. The great benefit to slow processing like this is that the food hardly heats up and therefore little oxidation occurs. This ensures that most of the juice’s nutrients and enzymes are retained and you also get a full, fresh flavor. There’s your quality.

Does the juice have much pulp in it?

This juicer removes most of the pulp, but not all.

There may be a little pulp left in your juice, depending on the fruits and vegetables you are using. Apples don’t leave much pulp, for example, but the softer fruits do, such as strawberries and oranges.

If you want really smooth juice, make sure to put the strainer (provided) on top of the juice bowl, to catch any extra pulp.

Is it quiet?

Most users say this juicer is pretty quiet, considering the kind of power it wields. It’s not as loud as a blender or a food processor, to give you a comparison.

A good tip is to set the juicer on a thin towel to help keep it in place, as well as reduce noise. Make sure it is on a level surface so it doesn’t vibrate.

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What can you make besides juice?

You get six different nozzles with this juicer, which allow you to make all kinds of great foods, such as:

  • baby / softs foods
  • minced herbs and garlic
  • minced meat and fish (not sausages though)
  • nut butters and milks
  • frozen desserts
  • ground coffee
  • pasta – spaghetti, linguini, breadsticks

What is the size of the feed chute?

The Omega J8006HDS feed chute is 4 inches long and 1.5 inches in diameter. Not that wide, so it’s best to pre-cut your fruits and vegetables so they fit. If chopping is annoying to you, perhaps consider a different juicer with a wider chute.

Leafy vegetables can be pushed through with the plunger as is, but a little at a time to prevent clogging.

Is the J8006HDS BPA-free?

The Omega J8006HDS juicer is 100% BPA-free, although parts of the juicer are still plastic (bpa-free). In addition, the juicing screen is stainless steel. Two big pluses, if you’re worried about BPA leaching.

Is this juicer difficult to clean?

Most consumers agree that clean up with the juicer is pretty easy. You can be done in 5 minutes.

Rinse out the pulp using the special cleaning brush provided. Then you can either hand wash or place all the parts into the dishwasher on the top rack.

For the best handwashing results, Omega recommends soaking the parts for about 30 minutes in warm water and a few drops of dishwashing detergent or 1/2 cup of baking soda. Then scrub and rinse.

How to put the juicer together?

Putting this Omega juicer together is simple. Check out this helpful video to learn about its different parts, attachments, and assembly:

Setting up the Omega J8006HDS Masticating Juicer

Can you buy J8006HDS juicer parts?

Yes, there are quite a few replacement parts available, from the auger to the nozzles and juicing screen and more.

Omega J8006 vs J8006HDS – What are the Differences?

The J8006HDS is the next model up from the J8006. The main difference is horsepower – the J8006 is 1/3HP, while the J8006HDS is 2HP. It has also a better 200-Watt motor. What this means, practically, is that when used properly, you’ll be able to get more juice from the J8006HDS.

And, as mentioned earlier, the J8006HDS is BPA-free and has a larger stainless steel juicing screen.

Other Common Concerns

  • What’s the auger made from? GE Ultem, a tough brand of plastic, suitable for processing harder vegetables
  • Fine lines or scratches around the auger – this is normal. They are molding marks resulting from the normal manufacturing process.
  • Juicer shakes when in use – this happens when the auger rotates and is normal.
  • Is this juicer suitable for commercial use? No, it’s built for home use. According to the instructions, it’s best not to use this juicer continuously for more than 30 minutes. This is to prevent motor failure caused by overheating.


ProductOmega Ultimate Juicer & Nutrition System
Juicer TypeLow Speed Horizontal Juicer
Chute Size1.5 inches wide, round
Speed80 RPM
Motor Power200 Watts
Weight20.0 lb/ 9kg
Dimensions6.5” W × 14.5” D x 15.5” H
(165mm W × 368mm D × 394mm H)
A bit bigger than a regular 2-slot toaster (without the attachments)
ColorBlack and Silver OR Black and White
Dishwasher Safe?Yes
Warranty– 15 yrs on parts and performance in US & Canada
– 1 year for International Customers
Made inKorea

What Comes in the Package?

  • 1 juice cone
  • 1 homogenizing cone
  • 6 nozzles
  • 1 juice bowl (plastic)
  • 1 pulp bowl (plastic)
  • 1 strainer / sieve

International Customers

If you’re outside the US and have a different voltage system, model J8226HDS is available in 220V/50-60Hz.

About the Omega Juicer Warranty

In order for the warranty to be honored, you’ll need to be able to present the dated receipt from the time of purchase. If you’d rather not try to keep track of a receipt for up to 15 years, it’s a good idea to register your unit with Omega – each juicer has its own serial number and can be registered in your name.

Omega Customer Service: 1-800-633-3401

Get the Manual

Download the manual here. Some basic recipes are included.

To Conclude

This Omega juicer can efficiently handle hard as well as leafy vegetables and provide an excellent juice yield and quality that will last up to 72 hours in the fridge. The fact that it’s all BPA-free is a big plus too.

Omega Juicer J8006HDS
Omega Juicer J8006HDS

Here’s my take: If you’re mainly juicing firmer fruits and veggies and you’re after nutrient-rich, low-pulp juice for fast absorption into the body, then go for this Omega J8006HDS juicer.

Its versatility also means you can get creative and make a whole bunch of cool things from sorbet to almond milk and your favorite linguini pasta.

But: If you intend to juice soft fruits a lot or you don’t like pre-chopping your produce to fit into the smaller feed chute, then keep searching.

Best wishes for your juicing journey!

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    I’m glad they went with the 2HP motor instead of the old 1/3rd HP motor. Not only will it do a better job on a bigger variety of foods, but it will last a lot longer.
    Which brings up the other point I’d like to make. Any machine that is going to last for years should have replacement parts available. After moving into a new house, I realized that some parts to my current (different brand) machine got damaged and can’t be replaced – which is why I am looking at getting a new machine.


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