May Shelton

Hi, I’m May, thanks for stopping by. My mission with this blog is to make healthy living as easy as possible with helpful tips, inspiration, recipes, and good research. If I can enrich your life in any way through this blog, then I am happy!

I’m one of those people who gets their kids to read the candy packet ingredient list to see for themselves why it’s not going in our shopping trolley. It’s not like I don’t ever let them eat candy. It’s fine for special occasions (as long as it has natural colors!), but I want them to understand what they’re choosing to put into their bodies and the health consequences.

The same goes for make-up, hairspray, nail polish etc. I also get them to spray their fruit with a vinegar and baking soda wash before eating. They found it annoying in the beginning and would roll their eyes at me, but they know now how important it is to do whatever we can to reduce our intake of a variety of harmful toxins from parabens to pesticides and preservatives.

I really love the concept of eating the way our great-grandparents ate. Fresh and wholefood meals made from scratch. Not packaged, preserved “food-like substances” that are so prevalent today. Is it any wonder that our bodies are so junked up and have to work so hard to achieve wellness?

Since my 20s I have struggled with migraines and fatigue. For the longest time, my blood tests would come back normal and the doctors said there was basically nothing wrong with me, maybe a virus? I wondered if I was imagining it was worse than it actually was, and so I pushed myself to go on as “normal,” feeling worse as time went on. Finally, in my early 40s I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, and then it all made sense. It was such a relief.

Desperate to be able to get out of bed and reclaim my life, I tried the standard thyroid medication. It did help me get out of my deep slump, but then there was no further improvement.

May in the mountains
Me at the top of a glorious mountain range at sunset

So I started working with different holistic health practitioners to find more solutions and I am finally finding my way to hormonal balance and wellness, with a lot of learning along the way! Through diet, herbs, essential oils, yoga and more, I am able to manage my condition and enjoy life to the full.

Now as a parent I am so conscious of giving my kids the best healthy start in life. We have a number of food sensitivities to deal with in the family – wheat, gluten, dairy are all issues for us, so I am constantly tweaking our food to suit. It’s fun and brings out my creative side.

We love sitting down at the table together, chatting about the highs and lows of the day, all while enjoying a hearty freshly cooked dinner. It’s the one time each day when we can all be together, and I think it’s so important for our connection as a family. Easy conversation over a good meal is so unifying for us.

With this blog, I hope to share some of the important things I’ve learned and continue to learn on my wellness journey. I believe we need to protect our good health and that of our families with vigilance. Life is too short and precious not to make the most of every day with our loved ones.


May Shelton